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quick&simple project: hedgehog-house

...when we found a hedgehog in our garden repeatedly for a few days - hiding in different spots - it became clear that we had to provide some shelter for him/her to save it from being attacked by the numerous cats, dogs and wildlife here.

So another quick&simple project was born - the hedgehog-house:

for this project we chose Weyhmouth-wood as it keeps up great in all weather-conditions.

selecting the wood

In the first step the sidewalls, front and back as well a the floor were cut. The plan was to rise the floor of the 'living-room' so it would remain dry in rain and during wintertime.

cutting the wood

So tto elevate the floor stripes were screwed to the side-walls, onto which the floor would be laid. The floor was not to be fixed to make future cleaning of the space and if neccessary an exchange of the floor possible.


The forward living-room-wall separates the living-room from the entrance, thereby providing safety from dogs, cats and the likes. Small cutouts had to be made into the floor-panel to accomodate for the forward wall fixture, which allows the wall to jut slide into place.

Detail-view of the cutouts and the foward wall-sliding-fixture.


The entrance-openings should measure about 10 centimeters in diameter. The Mascarpone-cointainer had just about the right size and was used to mark the cutout.

Cutting the openings on the bandsaw.



Next step was to build and attach a roof. The idea is to have a stable enough roof so it cannot be lifted by other animals, while providing shelter from heat, cold and humidtiy as well as to allow opening the space for cleaning.

Here the hedgehog house is turned over and laying on its future roof.

Hrere the roof is installed. Therefore the house is turned upside down. The roof has to be attached ina way that it can be opened for cleaning while at the same time discouring cats dogs and the likes from moving or lifting it.

The finished house with the roof on he side.

Here's the (hidden) place where the house is siting now - hedgehog inside

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